Medic Resources

A Medics Prayer

Every day I pray that I have the strength, courage and humility to do my job to the best of my ability.  I pray for both the physical and mental strength so that I may accomplish what you ask of me my Lord.  I pray for the courage to not walk on by or turn away but to do the things you ask of me even if afraid.  I pray for humility, to do the things I do without thought of reward.  My Lord I will not always have the strength courage or humility to ask these of you, so I ask them now.  Stand by me and guide me when I need you the most.  My Lord, help me to defend the rights of those who are unable to defend themselves, help me to give voices to those who are silenced, help me not to judge but to treat those who need me in their darkest hours.

-Author Unknown

Be safe, have fun and God Bless!

- Dan Schlund, Owner

If you run into any problems on the job or
you have to cancel

Call us immediately at:


844-738-6334 and press 0

Do not email or Text!

That is considered a No Call, No Show –>


Medic Information and downloads


(844) 738-6334 x812

This is a direct line to Dan White, our Director of Operations and in-house COVID consultant.  If are on-set and have a COVID related question or concern regarding one of the cast and crew please call this number.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been developed as a guide and reference for your assignments of National Set Medics including our Event, Moto-Rescue™, Site and Reality Medic® divisions

Suggested Set Medic Kit Checklist

This list is only a suggested guide. You, as the independent contractor, are responsible for providing the supplies/gear you feel is appropriate to complete your particular assignment.

PCR Form

On-line and Printable PCR Forms

Incident Report

Damage to property, Injury to medic, Altercations, etc.

Direct Deposit Form

Follow this link to our Direct Deposit form. If you don’t have a  voided check, ask your bank for a “Direct Deposit” form designed for this purpose. 

Go to your Time Card

Time card submissions are found on the medic portal. 

When do I get paid?

Pay is sent on the 1st and 15th of the month.  Download the Pay Schedule to see the cut off dates for your next paycheck. Your pay date is based on your timecard submission date.

National Set Medics Store

As a thank you please use this code for 15% off your purchase: WelcometoNSM

More Details

General Booking Details: Please read all of it carefully!


Check lists:


  • If you are bringing your own medical kit. Here is a link to a suggested kit minimum
  • Download our PCR or you can fill one out on-line at
  • Uniform:
    • For a Health & Wellness Screening in a construction zone. Boots, Steel toe preferred, Safety glasses, Safety vest, Hard hat. weather appropriate shirt/jacket. Refer to the Health & Wellness checklist.
    • If you have a National Set Medic shirt, great! If not, a nice polo shirt and EMS pants are good. If it’s hot out you are welcome to wear shorts. “Comfort over formality” as long as you look professional and are well groomed.
    • No open-toe shoes! Boots or sneakers are ok (as long as they look appropriate to the attire and safe.)
    • Be well groomed and look the part.
    • Dress appropriately for the elements and be sure you are comfortable and ready to respond.
    • Do not wear any clothing with large logo’s or competitors to National Set Medics.
    • Any questions, call the phone numbers below.



  • If and when you get a call from (844) 738-6334 Be sure to answer it. Do not let it go to voicemail!
    • This is our company’s dedicated medic number; it will be the producer, our office, or someone on-set calling for help! You must answer it!
    • There may be a short, automated message that says: “Your call may be monitored for quality…bla bla bla”. All calls are recorded.
    • Give it a moment once you answer to allow it to fully connect. You’ll need to speak first.
  • Answer it “Set Medic” (or “Event Medic”) “Your Name”
  • Example: “Hello. This is set medic George Lucas. How may I help you?”
    • Keep your phone on vibrate (not silent) and be sure you can feel a call coming in.
    • Make occasional rounds to see if the cast and crew need anything. Prevention is key!
    • Call 911 if you feel it is necessary.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Be there but not in the way.
    • If you have any issues or questions before, during or after the gig, please call the company numbers listed below.

    DO NOT DO’s

    • Do not fill out a W-2 if asked, National Set Medics is paying you.
      • They may, however, ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is normal and you should do so.
    • Do not sleep. Not really a problem in the past but a definite do-not-do! It may be boring but stay alert. Prevention is key!
    • Do not assist any other department with their work. This is standard procedure.
    • Do not post images to social media or share with friends.
      • You can ask me what is appropriate on a case by case basis but in short no posting.
      • However, please send us pictures, we would love to brag on you a bit.
    • Do not smoke on set.
    • Do not perform ALS skills unless cleared to do so in advance.
      • Unless notified otherwise in writing you are working as a “First Responder”


    • Fill out your timecard at this link:
    • Complete the timesheet ASAP. Be sure to give a full, detailed report of your day.
    • We can’t pay you until the timecard is submitted.
    • Your pay date is based on your timecard submission date:
    • Your times will be sent to the producer for confirmation.
    • Checks are sent on the 1st and 15th of the month.
    • A delay in payment may occur if there is a discrepancy in your times, inadequate daily report (not enough detail) or we are still waiting on the return of equipment or paperwork.

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