Normally we provide medics for Events, TV, Film and Reality Shows.

Today, we are using our vast database and rescources to provide medical screeners to your company.

COVID-19 has paralized the film and event industry (as well as many other industries)

But, our flexible business structure is helping to keep American industries moving by providing on-site welness checks focused on COVID-19 screening best practices.

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How Does it work?

We provide up-to-date screening techniques and CDC best practices to keep your business moving.

The trend is moving toward putting America back to work by reducing the risk of infection in the workplace.

That’s where we come in!

We have specific questions and guidelines for your employees to follow.  Those that don’t follow (or know what to follow) will be detected and sent home (or advised to be tested) before they enter the workplace.


Best practices currently include:

  • Notifying each employee (before they come to the workplace) on what ailments and symptoms are unacceptable in the workplace. Those with these ailments and symptoms are required to stay home.
  • At the work site, we test each person’s temperature before they enter your premises. We test everyone, every time they enter.
  • Those that are have passed screening are recongonized by a colored wrist ban.
  • Along with the temperature, we ask a set of specific questions to help further diagnose any potential issues.
  • Inside the premises, management is encouraged to provide extra hand washing stations and dedicate someone to wipe down all commonly used surfaces regularly.

We’ll provide all the details and procedures.


What we don't Provide

  • We do not treat suspected COVID-19 patients
  • We do not provide supplies such as masks, equipment, etc.
  • We do not sell or rent medical equipment.
  • We do not test people for the virus.

Screening Procedures FAQ

As it is with most of the nation, many industries are on hold.  Including the Film and Event market.  But our services are completely transfreable.

We were screening cast and crews on our movie sets well before this mass shut down happened. We are experienced with, and accostumed to looking after a variety of work crews in different fields.

We strongly encourage those who can stay home, stay home but for those in critical industries, we are there the add another layer of protection to your workforce.

Where are you getting your protocols?

Our Director of Operations Dan has been deployed with a COVID-19 federal health and medical taskforce (HTMF) since the beginning.

With Dan being deployed he gets first-hand access to the latest information for dealing with COVID-19 which helps us provide you and our medics with the most up to date screening critieria

In addition, our Medical Director approves all our protocols. Besides writing protocols for the United States Special Forces, Dr. Andy is also on the front lines of this pandemic as an emergency room doctor.

We are also using the latest best practices from the CDC and other governmental agencies. We will adjust our protocols and notify our medics in the field with any necessary changes.


What we Provide

  • Temperature checks by a certified EMT, Paramedic
  • Tracking worker temperatures
  • Guidelines to your management staff and employees.  
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance adding you as an additional insured
  • Special group scans for worksites of 50 or less workers.
  • 24/7 access to our own dedicated COVID-19 specialist for any questions our medics have on-site

Most importantly ...

We provide peace of mind to you and your workforce knowing that you are taking their health and safety seriously.

We can’t eliminate all risks but we can greatly reduce the risks by implimenting a manageable process based on the CDC’s best practices.

Over 9,100 Registered Medics Nationwide!

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Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Life Support or "ALS" is an upgrade option for events with a higher risk of severe injury or long transit times to the closest hospital.
  • We use more advanced drugs and IV therapy to help manage the risk of anaphylaxis shock, cardio or respiratory arrest.
  • This is equivalent to what is used on an ambulance but without the ambulance.

Ambulance Services and Other Emergency Vehicles

  • Medical Helicopter Coordination
  • Ambulances typically require a 4 hour minimum. Prices may vary due to your location, Typically $200 - $250/hr.
  • Watercraft, ATV and Bike teams.
  • In many cases you might need an Ambulance.  Our ALS upgrade may be sufficient to your production needs at a discounted price.

Water Rescue

  • Certified lifeguard
  • Swift Water Rescuers
  • Rescue Divers
  • Watercraft

Safety Consultants

  • COVID Control Officers
  • Fire Safety Officers
  • Safety consultants
  • Mud Run and OCR experts

We're Looking for a Few Good Medics

We are registering EMT's, Paramedics, Lifeguards, Rope and Swift Water rescue professionals throughout the USA.

Are you an EMT, Paramedic or EMS professional?  If so, reach out

Did You Know?

  • We've COVID tested thousands of cast, crew and various concierge services with our on-site concierge teams nationwide.
  • Every photo and video on this website was taken on a National Set Medic production. (except the funny header quotes)
  • We hire anyone with a professional attitude and good patient care!
  • The king cobra has enough venom to kill an elephant.

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