When Minutes Count…We Are Only Seconds Away™

Providing emergency medical personnel for television, reality shows and special events.

On-Set COVID Tests and Screening

Ask about our on-set Rapid and PCR Covid Tests

No Matter the Location… We Have You Covered

Reality Medics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We are your on-site Emergency Room.
Anywhere in the world!

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Live Events

We have the equipment and personnel to handle any sized event.

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Traveling Productions

Save time and money.  Let us provide a local medic for your production!

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Health and Wellness Checks

Our flexible business structure is helping to keep American industries moving by providing on-site welness checks focused on COVID-19 screening best practices.

A Leader in On-Set and Special Event Medical Services

Why Choose National Set  & Event Medics?

Trusted and Established

  • Thousands of EMT’s, Paramedics & Other EMS Professionals Nationwide
  • Insured: Medical Malpractice and General Liability Insurance.
  • Equipped medical kits and medical supplies
  • Locally Certified EMT’s, Paramedics and More!
  • Highly Trusted by hundreds of productions

Qualified, Experienced Personnel

  • Paramedics, EMT’s & Critical Care Medics
  • COVID Compliance Officers and PCR testers
  • Lifeguards and Water Rescue
  • Firefighters and Fire Safety personnel
  • Doctors and Nurses

On-the-Road/Travelling Productions

  • Call us for all your traveling locations
  • On-The-Road: We provide Local Medics wherever you go!
  • We’ll provide a local medic wherever you are.
  • Consistent fees nationwide
  • One phone number, one email

Over 10,000 Registered Medics Nationwide

  • National Service: Medics in every state & every major city!
  • Explore our interactive map.
  • If a medic is not in your area; We’ll find one!

National Set & Event Medic Services

Set Medic Services

  • On the Set EMT’s and Paramedics for:
    Reality Shows, Documentaries, TV & Film
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support
  • Specialty Rescue Personnel
  • Ambulance Standby’s

Health and Wellness Checks

  • Temperature taking
  • HIPAA compliant COVID Questionnaire
  • Wristbands provided

Traveling Events & Productions

  • The medical kit travels with you.
  • We supply local medics.
  • One consistent phone number to your medic.
  • One detailed invoice per event.

Event Medics Services

  • Medical Services for Live & Special Events
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle Quick-Response Units
  • Mud Runs & Marathons
  • Turn-Key Command & Medical Control
  • Rescue Vehicles

Traveling Productions & Events

  • The medical kit travels with you.
  • We supply local medics.
  • One consistent phone number to your medic.
  • One detailed invoice per event.


  • Your dedicated on-set Emergency Room!
  • Deployable anywhere in the world!
  • Designed to give your cast and crew the absolute best chance at surviving a life threatening injury or illness.

Motorcycle Rescue and Escort Services

  • Traffic Assist
  • On-the-course safety and monitoring
  • EMS Motorcycle quick-response

Advanced Rescue Services

  • Advanced Life Support
  • Ambulances & Other Emergency Vehicles
  • Water Rescue
  • Safety Consultants

We have provided set medical services for productions shown on these networks and/or brands.  This display does not denote an affiliation or their endorsement.

We're Looking for a Few Good Medics

We are registering EMT's, Paramedics, Lifeguards, Rope and Swift Water rescue professionals throughout the USA.

Are you an EMT, Paramedic or EMS professional?  If so, reach out

Mission Based Productions

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Kingdom based projects are important to us. Contact us to see if yours qualifies for a discount.

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