Traveling Productions

Let us know where to meet you!

Traveling Productions

Let us know where to meet you!

“Those aren’t pillows!”

-Neal Page


Needless to say, traveling has its challenges.

Let us know where to meet you.


Traveling Productions Problems

The problem with traveling productions are:

1.  Bring the crew with you = Expensive
2.  Try to find local crew = Time-consuming

The Solution!

Allow us to offer a 3rd option = Call us Instead!

  • We already have medics in all states and all major cities!
  • If a medic is not in your area, we have the tools to find one!
  • Our fees are consistent nationwide!
  • We do the vetting!
  • We provide the insurance!
  • We provide the kit that travels with you team. (optional)

Over 10,000 Registered Medics Nationwide!

Explore our interactive map.

Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Life Support or "ALS" is an upgrade option for events with a higher risk of severe injury or long transit times to the closest hospital.
  • We use more advanced drugs and IV therapy to help manage the risk of anaphylaxis shock, cardio or respiratory arrest.
  • This is equivalent to what is used on an ambulance but without the ambulance.

Ambulance Services and Other Emergency Vehicles

  • Medical Helicopter Coordination
  • Ambulances typically require a 4 hour minimum. Prices may vary due to your location, Typically $200 - $250/hr.
  • Watercraft, ATV and Bike teams.
  • In many cases you might need an Ambulance.  Our ALS upgrade may be sufficient to your production needs at a discounted price.

Water Rescue

  • Certified lifeguard
  • Swift Water Rescuers
  • Rescue Divers
  • Watercraft

Safety Consultants

  • COVID Control Officers
  • Fire Safety Officers
  • Safety consultants
  • Mud Run and OCR experts

We're Looking for a Few Good Medics

We are registering EMT's, Paramedics, Lifeguards, Rope and Swift Water rescue professionals throughout the USA.

Are you an EMT, Paramedic or EMS professional?  If so, reach out

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