Traveling Productions

Let us know where to meet you!

Traveling Productions

Let us know where to meet you!

“Those aren’t pillows!”

-Neal Page


Needless to say, traveling has its challenges.

Let us know where to meet you.


Traveling Productions Problems

The problem with traveling productions are:

1.  Bring the crew with you = Expensive
2.  Try to find local crew = Time-consuming

The Solution!

Allow us to offer a 3rd option = Call us Instead!

  • We already have medics in all states and all major cities!
  • If a medic is not in your area, we have the tools to find one!
  • Our fees are consistent nationwide!
  • We do the vetting!
  • We provide the insurance!
  • We provide the kit that travels with you team. (optional)

Over 5,800 Registered Medics Nationwide!

Explore our interactive map.


How does it work?

Contact us about your production.  Once we have your production schedule we will arrange a local medic for each location.

You are assigned one phone number and email that way you will have one number/email that will forward to whoever your medic on duty is. 

No need to change or update your call sheet with new information each location we handle all that from our dispatch center.

Medical Kits

The ideal situation is to send one of our fully stocked EMS Pelican Cases with your traveling team.  That way you have one consistent kit for all locations.

Sometimes that is not possible.  No worries, most of our medics have their own BLS kits and we provide a suggested list of supplies and over-the-counter medications. 

Regardless of your situation, we will make sure a medical kit accompanies the medic.

Can you provide a medic to travel with us?

Of course!

Often, having one medic to travel with you is the best, ideal situation for your production.

We have countless medics nationwide that are able to join your on-the-road crew.

Who are some of your past "Traveling" clients?

Ride With Norman Reedus  

We provided local medics in each location.  Each medic would travel with the crew over the various days while on-the-road.  We also provided a specially outfitted medical kit hedged toward the kind of injuries or illnesses the cast and crew might face on-the-road.

Fastest Car & Proving Grounds

Another few productions that film in multiple locations nationwide.  We provide Set-Medics, Fire Rescue crews and Ambulances.

The Fitness Company

Since 2015 we have provided local medics to each of their locations year-round.  It's a short private event lasting only a few hours but we save the client countless hours trying to find a medic in each of their locations, negotiating a deal and billing.

Cal Ripken Foundation

Another traveling event that takes advantage of our extensive database to provide medics to all their event locations.

Just to name a few...

Need More? Upgrade Your Production.

National Set Medics provides several add-on options to meet your on-set or event needs. Please contact us with any questions or specific needs you may have. We are here to partner with you to make your production successful and SAFE!

Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Life Support or "ALS" is an upgrade option for events with a higher risk of severe injury or long transit times to the closest hospital.
  • We use more advanced drugs and IV therapy to help manage the risk of anaphylaxis shock, cardio or respiratory arrest.
  • This is equivalent to what is used on an ambulance but without the ambulance.

Ambulance Services and Other Emergency Vehicles

  • Medical Helicopter Coordination
  • Ambulances typically require a 4 hour minimum. Prices may vary due to your location, Typically $150 - $250/hr.
  • Watercraft, ATV and Bike teams.
  • In many cases you might need an Ambulance.  Our ALS upgrade may be sufficient to your production needs at a discounted price.

Water Rescue

  • Certified lifeguard
  • Swift Water Rescuers
  • Rescue Divers
  • Watercraft

Safety Consultants

  • Fire Safety Officers
  • Safety consultants
  • Firearms Weapons master
  • Mud Run and OCR experts

We're Looking for a Few Good Medics

We are registering EMT's, Paramedics, Lifeguards, Rope and Swift Water rescue professionals throughout the USA.

Are you an EMT, Paramedic or EMS professional?  If so, reach out

Did You Know?

  • Every photo and video on this website was taken on a National Set Medic production. (except the funny header quotes)
  • We hire anyone with a professional attitude and good patient care!
  • The king cobra has enough venom to kill an elephant.

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