Where does Texas Set Medic’s get so many great medics?

Our philosophy is: Treat our medic’s good and they will treat our clients good.

We have a number of primary medics for long running productions that are so well loved by the cast and crew, we simply can’t boast enough about their attention to detail and quality of care. (Ha Hum: Charvette, LaNesa, Tammy, Kevin, Dan)

Since it’s launch in July of 2015 our medic registration database has hit over 800 qualified EMT’s and Paramedics in 62 major cities. (And we only counted major cities where 3 or more medics had registered.)  

They include: Emergency 911 medics, Flight Medics, Water Rescue Medics, Nurses, Technical Rope Specialists and Critical Care medics, all qualified, experienced and lining up to serve the TV, Reality and Special Event markets.  (One newly registered medic is pictured above! Good Job Matthew!)

On average, 40 new medics are registering everyday and our Facebook page is fast approaching 1,900 likes and counting,

But we don’t stop there, we also send out targeted “WORK ALERTS” to that area to assure we have the best man or woman for the job.  The applicants are screened and approved by us.

What this means for out clients is:

  • You will get the best qualified and most professional medic(s) in your area.
  • You have Texas Set Medic’s; The powerhouse behind your medic to assure your event or production is properly equipped, staffed.
  • We have enough supplies, equipment, finances, experience and clout to turn-key the largest of Mud Runs or plow through any problem your production or event might face.

What this means for our medics:

  • You won’t have to worry about being paid on time.
  • You will actually have the tools to use your skills
  • We have medical control for your ALS guys
  • We carry workers comp insurance.
  • We have a no-drama policy.
  • Our directors don’t over-react and we expect the same from our medics.
  • We will not let a poor performing medic bring down our team.  We will fire and remove any medic who does not meet our exacting standards.

If this is the kind of company you would like to hire for your event or production.  Please call or email us from www.TexasSetMedics.com

If this is the kind of company you as a medic would like to be associated with, register on our signup page at www.TexasSetMedics.com


Dan Schlund