UPDATED: April 27, 2020

The last month was a change in life and procedures.  While most of the world shut down, we found new life in scanning construction workers and employees in office buildings.

We’ve learned a lot and updated our procedures, equipment and understanding of this pandemic.

It’s time for the rest of the world to get working again.  Quickly but safely.  We have updated and improved our guidelines for TV and Film Productions. These guidelines have been approved by our medical director and in-house COVID consultant.

So, when you’re ready to roll, so are we!

About National Set Medics COVID-19 Protocols and Screening:

Our guidelines and procedures are compiled based on the CDC and Opening America Again guidelines. National Set Medics own in-house COVID consultant and Medical Director. National Set Medics in-field experience testing tens of thousands of construction workers.

We have invested thousands of dollars in FDA approved no-touch thermometers and high-end thermo cameras in preparation to open the film industry quickly and safely.

We scan all your cast and crew members on set. Each is given a wristband (pictured below) as a visible reminder that each person has been screened all is being done to reduce their risks of infection

COVID-19 Guidelines for TV and Film Productions

Download our informative and exhaustive guidelines for Producers and Production managers.

These guidelines are approved by our medical director and our in-house COVID consultant.

National Set Medics are given accompaning guidellines to work hand-in-hand with your guidelines for a smooth, safe and consistant environment on set.

We dispatch thermometers and wristbands to each production.

When you’re ready to roll, so are we!