National Set Medics can provide  up to 90% chance of survival for cardiac emergencies compared to only 40% by calling  911 alone!

The Dallas City Fire Department has a great average response time of 6:11*.

Even with these great response times, your cardiac victim has less than a 40% chance of survival if an electric shock is not administered within 6 minutes of a heart attack. Less than 10% survival after 10 minutes…

How long would it  take to call 911 and have an ambulance arrive to your location?

National Event Medics gives your guest  and vendors precious life-saving minutes by being right there, right now!
But it’s not just heart attacks. Texas  Event Medics is the best on-location means to recognize a medical  emergency, stabilize your patient and if necessary, arrange transportation to  definitive care.
National  Event Medics: “When  Minutes count, we are only seconds away!”

* According to Dallas News