WORK ALERTS, Southern California 

March/April 2019

Hello Southern California!

We have so much going!  Please review the list of productions below and click on the link of the ones you are interested and available for:

The first two are EMT or Paramedic, your own BLS kit is necessary:

  1. TOMORROW March 26 to March 29 (4 days), Santa Clarita, 18:30 to 0100 ($18/hour) I’M INTERESTED & AVAILABLE in this production
  2. April 11, Long Beach, 5:00pm – 8:00pm est. 10am 4-8 hours ($20/hour, 4 hour min) BOOKED

Then next 6 jobs require that you have some sort of Water Rescue training in addition to being an EMT or Paramedic.

  1. April 5, Los Gatos/Los Altos Hills, Ca. est.10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)
  2. April 6, Cazadero, California,  est. 10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)
  3. April 7, Poway, California est. 10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)
  4. April 8, Huntington Beach, est. 10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)
  5. April 10, Crest Wood Hill, California, est. 10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)
  6. April 11, Manhattan Beach est. 10am 4-8 hours (Water Rescue, $25/hour)

Additional Details:

  • Water Rescue training (for this production can include:  Swift Water, PADI Rescue, Lifeguard or Fire Department training, etc.
  • No water rescue equipment is required, but you do need to be prepared to get wet.
  • There are cast and crew hanging out in various swimming pools.  You will need to be able to rescue these people if necessary.  More details will be provided once booked
  • Your BLS kit is necessary
  • I’M INTERESTED & AVAILABLE in one of the below location Please let us know which ones you can do.

The final 2 jobs require an Advanced Life Support Paramedic and Water Rescue divers.    $30/hour

  1. PARAMEDIC:  You will be providing ALS skills under our medical director.  Details will be provided during the interview
  2. RESCUE DIVER:  You will be on standby and will need to possibly rescue participants from cold water, you will need to own your own dry or wetsuit.

Additional Details:

Click the link if Interested AND Available or reply to this email.No phone calls please. We try to wait 24 hours before making our selection but this is not always the case, especially with last minute request, in those cases it’s a first come, first served basis. We try to notify everyone when the event is filled but due to the number of responses we get, sometimes we miss a few. So, if you don’t hear back, it’s not that you weren’t considered.

Thank you,

National Set Medics