The rewards of the wild and the rewards of the survivor go to those who can dig deep, & ultimately, to the guy who can stay alive.

-Bear Grylls

The Reality Medic™

Our Reality Medic™ division is your dedicated on-set Emergency Room! Deployable anywhere in the world! Designed to give your cast and crew the absolute best chance at surviving a life threatening injury or illness.

Each Reality Medic™ has devoted his or her careers honing their skills in advance emergency medical care. These highly qualified men and women have served their community for years as Flight Medics, Critical Care Medics, Military Medics, Instructors and Tactical Medics.

Reality Medics™ operate under our own doctor (who specializing in remote military medicine) using extensive on-line and off-line medical protocols. These protocols include:

  • Medical Control with 24 hour dedicated doctor support
  • Sutures, IV therapy and extensive burn manage
  • Trauma and sickness protocols customized to your production
  • Fully stocked "Advanced Life Support" supplies and equipment
  • Medications, Antibiotics, Narcotics and OTC Medicines
  • Medical Malpractice and liability insurance included
  • Only the highest qualified and experienced paramedics