Moto-Rescue™ Division


Motorcycle Rescue and Escort Services

What is Moto-Rescue™?

Our Moto-Rescue™ division helps fill in the gaps for your larger events by providing additional traffic safety and quick-response medical care.

Our Moto-Rescue™ riders can help plug the holes in a "closed" course and escort "bogies" (Cars that intentionally or accidentally get on the course) off the course safely.

Additionally, it can be difficult to get an ambulance or medical personnel to an individual on an open or closed course.  Our Moto-Rescue™ medics can quickly and safely respond much faster than an ambulance on a crowded course.

Choose from our different Moto-Rescue™ services:

  • Traffic Assist
  • On-the-course safety and monitoring
  • EMS Motorcycle quick-response
  • Non-EMS Motorcycle Escort
  • EMS and non-EMS vehicle response

In Texas and select cities nationwide!

Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo and the Inaugural Dallas Bike Ride