How it Works

We seek out productions and productions seek us out.  We never know when or where the next production will happen.

Often these calls come in last minute.  Other times we have plenty of notice.  Part time can be one day, three weeks or two months depending on our client's needs.

We offer BLS and ALS and REALITY MEDIC™ services.

When we secure a booking, we reference our database of Registered Medics.  Based on the client's needs, we select our medics based on location, certification, availability, etc.  The registration link is to the right!

Rarely do we (or the client) pay for travel or housing.  Therefore, we will not send "Work Alerts" to medics not near the location unless there is a need to do so.

There are three main categories we look for:

  1. Live/Special Events & Mud Runs
  2. Set Medics (TV, Movies, Reality Shows, etc.)
  3. Specialty medics for more advanced needs:
    1. Swift water rescue
    2. Technical rope rescue
    3. Rescue divers, etc.
  4. ​ REALITY MEDIC™ services.
    1. Remote Action Rescue
    2. The most advanced and skilled medics we can find.
    3. Long running and remote reality shows such as Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL
    4. This would include international locations.
    5. There is a strong need for women with these skills

Anyone certified with a good attitude may work Special events and Mud Runs.

We only use the most personable, professional and customer service oriented personnel for on-the-set medics.

Specialty Medics are requested for higher risk ALS dependent events such as: Reality shows, TV and special Mud Run obstacles.  Anything that has a higher degree of injury, longer than expected transfer times and/or require the use of our ALS protocols.

We focus on non-union. These productions are typically reality shows that are filmed in remote locations including international destinations.

For REALITY MEDICS™ we look for field experience, physical fitness, professional and customer service oriented attitude our clients have come accustomed to.

No need to select which category you are in.  We choose these categories in-house based on many factors.

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