Frequently asked questions for the Medics.

Who do you hire?

You must be a current EMT, paramedic or have a higher certification such as a nurse, PA or doctor.  We also hire Lifeguards, and other specialty rescue personnel like Rope, swift water and high-angle rescue!

Do I have to be "Nationally Certified"?

No, we book local medics close to the film site.  So your local certification is all that is required.  If we do travel you out of your area you will be working under our own medical protocols.

How do I know when something is available in my area?

The absolute best way to assure you get notified first of Work Alerts" is by registering.  We go to our registry database first when a position opens up.  We email and sometimes text the details to you.

Occasionally we post Work Alerts on our Facebook and Works Alert Pages but registering is by far our #1 means of reaching out.

"Do you have anything coming up in _________?"

We go where the production goes and we rarely have a lot of notice beforehand.

How do we get paid?

You are paid as a subcontractor "1099". After the gig you will fill out an on-line time sheet.  Once the times are confirmed by the production company and we have received all your documentation, any equipment on loan, etc. in good order, we issue the payment.  We pay on-line via Zelle. We can also send you a check if you prefer the old fashion way; you will be given the option.

Payments are typically issued on the 1st (if submitted before the 24th) and 15th (If submitted before the 8th) of each month.

What is a Reality Medic™ and how do I become one?

Reality Medics™ are the paramedics (or higher certification) we send out to the most challenging and remote locations (Including international).  Examples include shows such as Discovery's Naked and Afraid.  

A Reality Medic™ is someone who has spent their medical careers perfecting their skill and knowledge, in great physical shape, professional and well experienced in the field.  We typically look for flight medics, critical care medics, combat medics, etc.  

Reality Medics™ are expected to have performed most if not all paramedic skills reliably in the field; plus more.  Suturing and recognizing medical illnesses are important. 

Reality Medics™ operate under broad protocols with 24 hour access to our dedicated medical director.

If you think you have what it takes and want to submit your information for consideration Click Here