Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to somebody else.

-Will Rogers

Event Medical Services

With thousands of registered medics in all 50 states and over 165 major cities nationwide, National Set Medic's is fast becoming the go-to company for docu-reality and higher-risk productions.

We specialize in fast-paced, always-changing, run-and-gun style productions as well as standard Set Medic services and events.

Born in Texas in 2012, we have quickly expanded to provide medical services nationwide.

Meet the Team

We have contracted with so many talented medics that it is impossible to list them all here.  However, there are a few key people deserving of recognition. National Set Medics would like to highlight their exceptional talents and dedication over the years to help build National Set Medics into the powerhouse it is today.

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Dan Schlund, Paramedic

Founder & CEO

An interesting fact about Dan: Besides being a paramedic, Dan is a pyrotechnician, SAG stuntman and one of only a handful of people on earth to fly a jet pack professionally as The Rocketman®!


Kevin Baldwin, Paramedic

OCR and Special Events Consultant

Kevin has been a good friend and valued consultant for mud runs and obstical course safety.  He is the Medical and Safety Director for USAORA and member of the USOCR.


Tammy Wheeler, EMT

San Antonio Division

Tammy was one of the first medics to join the team, she worked several productions and helps coordinate many events in Texas including the Bachelorette in San Antoinio .


Matthew Martinez, EMT

Los Angeles Division

Matthew oversees our Southern California Division.  He is one of our most popular and most requested set medics in LA.


Jonathan Smith, FP-C

Reality Medic™ & ALS Consultant

Jonathan has been a flight medic for over 15 years.  His dedication and vast knowledge of remote medicine has proven invaluable to the creation of the Reality Medic™ Division.


Travis Larson, EMT

Austin, Tx Division

Travis oversees and helps manage our Austin, Texas area.  Joined in 2013, Travis has done a number of productions and live events.